TEXAID Bulgaria EOOD is a subsidiary of the Swiss company TEXAID Textilverwertungs AG, one of the leaders of the second-hand clothing trade in Europe. TEXAID collects 75% of its textiles from Switzerland and 10% from Germany. This amounts to 50,000 tonnes or 4,000 railroad wagons of textiles recycled every year.

Our multinational company is based on a vertically integrated model, with sorting centres in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Morocco and Bulgaria, all of which adhere to uniform sorting quality and precision standards.

Proprietary collection centres in Switzerland and Germany, along with companies in Italy, Holland, Sweden and United Kingdom, ensure a controlled, varied and constant mix of originals sorted into a product under the brand name TEXAID.

In 2016, the 115 workers and employees of the Kostinbrod factory reached a production capacity of 27 tonnes per day (6,500 tonnes for the year) of second-hand sorted textiles representing Swiss precision and German Quality.