Originals and Products OUR ORIGINALS:

The number one ranked original is the UK Swiss original. We obtain our second-hand clothes from countries whose citizens display an outstanding sense of fashion and social responsibility. All the top European fashion brands are represented.

In order to offer a variety of fashion brands from other countries, our mix is supplemented with specially selected originals from Italy, Germany, Netherland, Sweden and the UK.

Our quality control maintains the quality of this mix by implementing a maximum deviation goal of 3%.


The sorted clothes are divided into three categories:

Extra – A seasonal mix, exceptionally varied, handsome and fashionable. Separate items are sorted to complement the mix.

Standard A – A rich variety of sorted ready-to-wear winter and summer clothes with minor defects, from previous seasons or in larger sizes.

Standard B – Usable clothes with repairable defects, or older models.


Cut Textiles/Rags

We offer raw white and coloured textiles, cut and sold mainly to Germany (95%) in 10 kg bags. This enables us to recycle 100% of the original and to maintain quality standards in the other grades.

The original is first sorted in the arrival centre, where goods are sorted into different categories. In the sorting centre, we fine-tune our sorting by quality, either per article or per mix.


Our continually high-quality, varied and carefully-selected goods, along with our exemplary attitude towards clients from all over the world, makes us a desired and demanded supplier of second-hand clothes on three different continents – Europe, Asia and Africa.

Shop mix and standard mix – Branded, white, 50 kg bags, fixed weight.

Extra and standard A – Branded transparent bags of varying weights (15 - 40 kg).

Standard B – Bags with varying weights.

Africa grade – 55 kg bales.

Pakistani grade – 350/450 kg bales.

Shoes – Pairs, 100 - 130 kg bags.